Solheim Resources

The Solheim Center has numerous resources that are available for students, staff, faculty and affiliate members to use! Here are just a few of the things that we have to offer:


  • 3 full-sized collegiate basketball/volleyball courts

    These courts provide plenty of space for all kinds of athletic events. From Varsity Basketball and Volleyball to intramural frisbee, basketball, soccer, and whiffle ball, these courts are rarely empty!   



  • 1/9 mile running track

            When it is too cold to take your run outdoors, Solheim offers a track on the 2nd story that circles the gym and allows for the activities happening on the gym to be watched as you run.



  • 4 racquetball courts

           Moody has 4 full sized racquetball courts with glass fronts so games can be viewed by friends, along with observation windows on the 2nd floor that look into the courts. Each court can also be used for Walleyball as well.





  • Auxiliary gym

           The Aux Gym (as we lovingly call it) is our multipurpose gym where all sorts of events and sports can take place. It also comes equipped with 2 basketball hoops, tumbling mats, and pull up bars. 




  • Weight room

       Our weight room comes fully equipped with everything you need for your workout. We have dumbells from 2lbs all the way up to 100lbs. We have 4 squat racks, 2 dedicated bench press stations, and a wide array of machines.There are also 3         treadmills available for use in the weight room.




  • Aerobic room

        Our aerobic room comes fully equipped with spinning bikes, stationary bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, along with 2 TV's for workout videos, yoga mats, and kettlebells from 2lbs up to 75lbs.





  • Swimming pool

           Our 25yard heated pool offers up to 6 swimming lanes, and open swim area, and a water basketball hoop where weekly games take place. At the shallowest point, it is 4'6" and goes up to 9" at its deepest point. Our pool is always manned by 2 certified lifeguards.




  • Classrooms

    Solheim has 2 classrooms that are used frequently throughout the year for Lifetime fitness classes, first aid instruction, sport information meetings, along with other activities.